California Dmv Legal Presence Unit

You must provide a document with your name and date of birth proving your legal presence in the United States at a DMV office when you apply for your first DL/ID card. DMV calls this document your BD/LP document. Banking institutions and insurance companies rely heavily on the assumption that a person with a California driver`s license has legitimately proven that they are legally in the United States and reside in the state of California. The Department of Human Services and other government agencies make decisions to provide state assistance and benefits to individuals with California driver`s licenses because residency was determined during the VDD application process. In the real world, unscrupulous people may try to qualify for benefits or support reserved for people who live legally in the state of California. It`s not uncommon for an illegal alien or resident of another state to travel to California to receive state aid and then return to their home state with those benefits in their pocket. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is authorized to issue a driver`s license (DL) or identity card (ID) to an applicant who provides satisfactory proof that the applicant`s presence in the United States is permitted by federal law. There are many ways to provide proof that an applicant is legally in the United States. If the applicant was born in the United States, they may present a U.S.

birth certificate or passport. An applicant who is an immigrant to the United States may present a U.S. citizen naturalization or citizenship document or a permanent resident card. Applicants who are not immigrants but are eligible to reside in the United States may present a temporary resident identification card or other temporary resident documents. In any case, you have received a document with your name and date of birth proving your legal presence in the United States. Some documents issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), indicate how long the holder can legally reside in the United States. DMV will send your DL/photo ID card once all tests and requirements have been met and USCIS will verify your legal presence status. For a complete list of documents with an acceptable date of birth and legal presence (BD/LP), see I came to the United States from Canada on a J1 visa and wanted a California ID for personal reasons. I followed some of the advice from this forum (thank God I found it) and got my ID card within 2 weeks of discovering this forum. The total waiting time was 1 month and 2 weeks (much better than the others).

Just like the previous articles, didn`t want to help me either and told me to call. What I learned from the forum is that you have to call the legal presence department several times to be on a waiting list. Call as many times as necessary. I called more than 40 times before passing, then chose the reminder option and received a reminder the next morning. Be very kind and accommodating with them so that everything goes smoothly. All I had to do was return the passport, I-94 and my J-1 document (they didn`t ask the DMV for the J-1) with the name of the person who helped you return the ID/license number indicated in the DMV receipt and your number. I called the next day and found that they had received all the documents and had already sent them. I entered on a Friday, got the ID a little over 1 week on a Monday.

The number to call is 916-657-7445, which is the number they give you. I think all the numbers that this forum shows lead to the same line. Don`t forget to be persistent. Pro Tip: Make calls early after 8 or 9 years, so you only have to wait about 30 minutes for a reminder. Proof that you live legally in the state of California is called legal presence. Legal presence can refer to U.S. citizens who move from one state to another. Legal presence is often associated with immigrants from other countries entering the United States. To be eligible for the issuance of the California driver`s license, this immigrant must prove that he or she has legally entered the United States and the state of California. If your temporary DL/ID card expires and you need an extension, you must submit a BD/LP document that expires 60 days or more after the day of application. What does that mean? Does this mean I just have to wait and see, or is there a real problem with acquiring my driver`s license? Do I have to go to the DMV again? I want to avoid calling the number if I can as I would probably have to wait 1-3 hours on the phone. The following information will help you explain the BD/SQ process.

However, in some cases, a person with a California driver`s license may file false documents justifying legal presence on behalf of another person. In such cases, the DMV will attempt to suspend or revoke the California driver`s license of the person who actually filed the fraudulent document, even if they did not benefit from the document. The DMV will suspend or revoke that person`s driver`s licence for at least one year. The next stop is to make an appointment. For me, that was the step taken. There is a link to make an appointment. You choose an office and are looking for a time. I searched five different DMV offices and there was absolutely no time available. But as expected, the appointment system did not give any indication of other DMV offices with available positions, nor did it indicate the “next available” day and time. For me, it was a futile exercise. Really a bug in the system when you have to spend hours trying to make an appointment online. to save time.

Two weeks later, no card. I called back and told them that my temporary license would expire soon. They told me that I could call the DHS/DMV legal presence unit to find out what the robbery was. It took a little while. Where the hell is my card? The key is being prepared. I was prepared for REAL ID. There is an online checklist on which includes: Hello! I`m in the same boat as you! How did you manage to leave a message? I called (916) 657-7445, but I did not have the opportunity to leave a message. It`s so frustrating! Did they continue to send you temporary licenses? They gave me a number. The queue was extremely short on a Tuesday morning (although when I finished around 9:15am there were still a few people waiting).

After about 10 minutes, my number was called. For example, you will have a flight from Burbank to Vegas on May 3, 2023. If you only have your standard driver`s license, they won`t let you fly. You will also need the REAL ID or a U.S. passport for a domestic flight. Virtually any letter, document, or record that tends to determine that the applicant is legally resident in the United States and lives in the State of California is considered a document establishing legal presence. Most of the people I dealt with at DMV were kind and accommodating. But it was obvious that the organization needed a full rehearsal. The VDD needs to hire experts to review existing processes and see how they can be improved. The processes currently seem so unnecessarily complicated and confusing that frustration must occur. Do you currently depend on some kind of probation to drive? USCIS: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services – deals with immigration and citizenship.

For more information about these services, please contact the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283. After only a few minutes of waiting, the next step was an eye test. I did it! “Thank you for contacting the Ministry of Motor Vehicles about your driver`s license/identity card (DL/ID) where you live – you will need two different documents showing your current address, such as utility bills, medical documents, a mortgage bill, etc.