Tour des Ecovillages part 5: Gathering of Tribes

Exploring the Future of Regenerative Living

Highlights from One Week at the Gathering of Tribes

Last week, our team at SmartHoods had the incredible opportunity to attend the Gathering of Tribes festival in the beautiful countryside of Alentejo, Portugal. This festival is a true celebration of the regenerative movement, bringing together thought leaders, practitioners, and communities from all over the world to connect, inspire, and learn from one another. 

Regenerative agriculture in action

One of the most striking aspects of the Gathering of Tribes was the emphasis on nature and ecology. Everywhere we looked, we saw examples of permaculture and regenerative land practices being put into action. From the edible forests and organic gardens that provided much of the food for the festival, to the natural building materials and biobased construction techniques on display, it was clear that the health of the land and the well-being of the planet were top priorities. We were particularly impressed by the emphasis on land preservation and regeneration, as well as the use of permaculture principles to create a sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystem.

Low-tech solutions for the future

One of the standout aspects of the Gathering of Tribes was the focus on sustainable and low-tech solutions for the future. We learned about biobased construction materials, circular economy principles, and the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the regenerative movement. We also saw examples of simple, low-tech solutions that can have a big impact, such as using solar ovens to cook food and utilizing greywater systems to conserve water. It was exciting to see the innovation and forward-thinking approach to technology at the festival.

The healing power of community

Above all, what really stood out to us at the Gathering of Tribes was the sense of community and connection. Despite the diversity of backgrounds and beliefs among the attendees, there was a strong sense of unity and shared purpose. We were inspired by the many rituals, ceremonies, and other gatherings that brought people together and fostered meaningful connections. It was also exciting to see so many high-profile individuals from the regenerative space – investors, professors, and project developers – mixing with the “hippie” crowd and looking for opportunities to collaborate. In addition to the many workshops and demonstrations, there were also plenty of opportunities for networking and building relationships with other attendees. All in all, it was a truly special experience that we will not soon forget.

What we like:

What we learned: