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Prior to joining the UW system, Kristin was an associate general counsel at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where she handled student affairs, employment, research, and other higher education legal matters. She also served as in-house counsel for GE Healthcare, advising on commercial transactions, regulatory compliance and research issues. Kristin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota (2003) and a Juris Doctor from Marquette University School of Law (2008). The Neighborhood Law Clinc (NLC) provides residents of Dane County and surrounding counties with free legal information and, in some cases, free legal representation in certain circumstances. NLC can help you with legal issues related to rental housing and employment law. NLC is part of the Economic Justice Institute of the University of Wisconsin School of Law. NLC clients receive legal services from law students supervised by lawyers. The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, professionalism and integrity in the delivery of legal services and strives to provide timely and effective advice and guidance. Alicia Boll, Executive Assistant, joined UW System`s Office of General Counsel in March 2014 as Office Manager. Alicia graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2005 with a B.F.A. in photography and journalism. After graduation, she worked as a photojournalist in Hearst-Argyle and in various creative roles as a freelancer.

Alicia joined UW System Administration in April 2012 as a Program Officer at the IDEASS office. The overall mission of the Office of Legal Affairs is to provide quality legal advice, guidance and representation to advance and protect the mission and vision of the University. Improving legal education through community engagement The pro bono program offers students the opportunity to provide law-related services to community members with limited financial resources. Students are supported and assisted by pro bono program staff with internships in private and nonprofit law firms, legal aid groups, in-house programs, and other organizations where their pro bono work is conducted under appropriate supervision. In keeping with the law school`s law in action tradition, students develop legal and professional skills, gain hands-on experience in real-world work environments, and explore their ethical responsibility to provide pro bono service. Students engage in the traditional practice of litigation and use skills such as fact-finding, legal research, analysis, drafting, negotiation, consulting, and litigation. Students also learn to participate and consider less traditional advocacy activities, such as public speaking, writing educational materials, and participating in local campaigns for social and economic justice. Aaron G. Dumas joined the Office of the UW Legal Counsel in April 2022.

Aaron was previously an attorney at Pines Bach LLP, representing clients in various civil litigation and other legal contexts, and frequently dealing with issues involving state and local government actors and policies. Prior to his legal career, Aaron worked in health IT project management and as a legislative assistant in the Wisconsin State Assembly. Aaron received his B.A. in Government from Harvard University in 2003 and a J.D. Laude and M.P.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015. During law school, he worked as a trainee lawyer for the Office of the General Counsel. Students are supported and assisted by pro bono program staff with internships at private and nonprofit law firms, legal aid groups, in-house programs, and other organizations. Pro bono work is carried out under appropriate supervision. Learn more about certification rules for student practice ยป The Pro Bono Program (formerly the University of Wisconsin School of Law`s Pro Bono Partnership Project) began as a pilot project in 2007. Its basic structure was to pair law students with local Dane County lawyers to provide civil legal assistance to individuals who would otherwise not be able to provide legal representation. These guidelines for the UW pro bono program are drawn from ABA Model Rule 6.1.

The Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC) offers a wide range of legal services, including rental housing and employment law. Clinical law students occupy the community office in the UW South Madison Partnership space on Villager Mall on the south side of Madison. Students deal with individual cases and, where appropriate, engage in community-led education and advocacy. The Office of the General Counsel provides comprehensive legal services to the UW system, including advice on various legal matters such as human resources matters, student affairs, public records and public meetings, real estate, risk management and immigration, among others. The OGC also reviews and drafts policies; review, draft and negotiate contracts; represents UW institutions at administrative hearings; and liaises with the Wisconsin Department of Justice in litigation before the courts. A focus on proactive and preventive law is paramount, and OGC lawyers provide legal training to administrators and staff throughout the UW system. Nancy Lynch was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Legal Affairs in August 2021. In this role, Nancy is Chief Legal Counsel for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a member of the Chancellor`s Executive Committee, and oversees the Office of Legal Affairs and the Office of Compliance. Nancy joined the Office of Legal Affairs in 1997 and previously served as Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Legal Affairs.