Online Master of Legal Studies

The University of Arizona MLS Online Law Degree is a 30-unit, part-time or full-time program that provides a solid legal foundation. In addition to general law studies, you can focus on: Many areas require staff with the legal expertise gained through an online Master of Laws degree. Human resources offices often deal with legal issues. Healthcare and banking organizations operate in highly regulated areas. People who understand the law as it applies in these areas can help protect businesses from litigation or hefty fines. Law graduates typically pursue careers as human resource managers, paralegals, compliance officers and directors, contract negotiators and legal counsel. According to the BLS, job growth for human resource managers is expected to be 9% between 2020 and 2030, about as fast as the general job market. The projected employment growth rate for contract negotiators and mediators is slightly higher, at 10%. This course focuses on the ethical and professional responsibilities of lawyers.

Students explore topics such as confidentiality, unauthorized practices, conflicts of interest, and corporate social responsibility. Care is taken to provide students with a framework for overcoming moral dilemmas in the face of rising expectations of transparency and accountability. Develop the expertise you need to gain credibility, advance your company`s mission, and advance your career by implementing effective healthcare compliance programs. This specialization is designed for healthcare professionals, such as nurse legal advisors, healthcare administrators, or healthcare compliance auditors. Hamline University is a private liberal arts college with a Master of Laws. The online degree consists of 34 credits. Focus your studies on one of the following specializations: MLS General, Business, Healthcare Compliance, Technology and Cybersecurity, students develop expertise in areas such as contracts and sales, criminal law and procedures, and trusts and estates. Participants receive free reading materials and may be eligible for partial scholarships. Admission to the Master of Laws requires a transcript from the Faculty of Law and a curriculum vitae. Participants will explore issues such as bullying and harassment, alternative dispute resolution and benefits.

Students learn the basics of effective oral and written advocacy. The Master in Legal Studies offers a concentration in cybersecurity law. Admission requires a bachelor`s degree and school certificates. Purdue Global designs its Master of Legal Studies to prepare professionals to provide legal support services in a variety of roles. The 55-credit LL.M. involves applied research and comprehensive audit trails. All participants take basic courses dealing with legal methods and processes as well as jurisprudence. Enrolling in law school for a Master of Laws program may seem daunting, but many schools offer law students and law students resources to support their academic and professional goals. Check with your preferred program and school for professional help, certificate options, or off-campus experience. Ultimately, the best legal program for you depends on your own career goals and what you expect from your master`s program.

Executives will have a better understanding of the legal terminology and regulations that underpin contracts and transactions. Specialized skills and expertise can help any businessman stand out from the crowd. Earning a Master of Laws provides non-lawyers with a solid understanding of the laws and legal systems that govern the industry. Conversely, asynchronous Master of Juridical Studies programs allow students to create their own schedule and view lectures on their own calendar. Students watch pre-recorded lectures at a time convenient for them, work independently on assignments, and usually don`t need to interact with other students. Orders are submitted online within specified deadlines. The Master of Law comprises a core curriculum that includes courses in constitutional law and policy. Online education can offer more flexibility for your schedule. For example, some online educational programs may offer part-time enrollment with the option whenever you want, rather than at fixed times. You may be able to continue working while pursuing a Master of Legal Studies online. There are very little to no transportation costs associated with online learning, which could potentially reduce the overall cost of schooling. The Master of Legal Studies is a fully online, asynchronous program for professionals who would benefit from a nuanced understanding of the U.S.

legal system, but who do not intend to practice law. Legal issues are closely related to business operations, as organizations must comply with laws and regulations in order to operate legally. Graduates of the MLS curriculum have the expertise to help their current employers comply with legal operating regulations. Individuals with a master`s degree generally earn more than their counterparts with a bachelor`s degree. Many online LLM programs take only a year to complete, and schools offer part-time enrollment for working students. The short curriculum and flexible schedule allow students to quickly implement their education and get a return on their investment. Delivery: Format: 100% online (oil, gas and energy law requires one week of residency)Teaching style: asynchronous The Master of Laws in American and Transnational Law at UD offers a tailor-made bar focused program.