Thermal Analysis & Heating Design of an Aardehuis

Buildings made from car tyres, straw bales, and grass

How well do passive solar design principles from the 70's hold up?

‘Earthships’ are a type of low-tech buildings, conceived by Michael Reynolds in the 1970s, which can be constructed by amateurs using only recycled, locally sourced, or sustainable construction materials. Combined with ‘passive solar’ design principles, which make use of the orientation of the sun to maximise heat gains and minimise losses, Earthships present a highly sustainable and circular building philosophy. But how well do these design principles from the 1970s hold up in today’s world? We analysed the thermal performance of an Aardehuis – Netherlands’ first community of Earthships – to find out.
The systems feature highly innovative solutions on both the energy and water system side, such as batteries and wastewater recycling. 
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Energy self-sufficiency
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Drinkwater reduction
thermal properties ground floor
System design
3D model Aardehuizen
Flow model
results simulation aardehuis
Sankey diagram
heat exchanger stove aardehuis
Stove heat exchanger

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