Solar Carport Aardehuizen

A 70 kWp solar carport connected to a seasalt battery smart grid

Vision of a sustainable future trumps business case

Covering car parks with solar panels has the double benefit of providing both shade and electricity for electric vehicles. For these reasons, a 70 kWp solar caport was constructed at the Aardehuizen. A seasalt battery smart grid was connected later.
The idea for a large solar carport was initiated by Wouter de Graaf, an inhabitant of the Aardehuizen whose dream it is to have an electric vehicle charging station running on renewable energy, for the whole neighbourhood. In order to get the project from the ground, SmartHoods facilitated the design and execution of the project. 
Even though the project costs exceeded the estimated returns of the generated solar power (even with subsidies) over a 15-year time period, it was decided to still continue with the project due to its innovative appeal and contextual fit. 
It’s this focus on innovation that allowed the Aardehuizen to become one of the pilot projects in the Horizon 2020 SERENE project. A seasalt battery has been installed to store excess energy and experiment with new ways of storage and energy management.
Recently, 3 new charging points have been added for electric vehicles. Towards the future, more charging points are envisioned, not just for private parking spots, but also for the general public. 
The recent electricity price increases have greatly improved the business case of the project. This may even allow the project to become profitable after all, proving that visionary idealism can also be profitable. 
Charging points​
Parking spots​
kWp rated power
Solar panels
aardehuizen solar carport 1
Installation of the panels
aardehuizen solar carport 6
Finished carport during a storm
aardehuizen solar carport 4
Connecting the cables

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