Requirements for Scs

Applicants who wish Council to assess whether an equivalent level of emergency care course meets the minimum requirements must submit course information (curriculum, description, textbook, etc.) to the Sport Specialties Council for review by the October 31 application deadline. The applicant`s compliance with the requirements of the data analysis project will be assessed based on the following questions: The SCS specialist certification lasts for 10-year cycles. During each of these 10-year cycles, several requirements must be met to maintain the SSC. In addition, members must meet the minimum requirements of the field(s) for which they are applying. When asked if it was worth taking the SCS exam, I always answer without hesitation: “Absolutely, absolutely worth it. It was without a doubt the hardest, most rewarding and scariest test of my life. It is a 6-hour test for back pain, brain ralage, numbness, a test of choosing the most correct response. This is a huge commitment, both in terms of time and financial. Realistically, SCS test preparation is a 4-6 month process for most people. Despite the strict requirements, I firmly believe that if given the opportunity, I would do it again. Applicants must demonstrate that they have successfully completed their APTA-accredited post-professional clinical residency in the specialty within the last 10 years.

Candidates who are currently enrolled in an ABPTRFE-accredited clinical residency or enrolled in a residency program that has achieved candidacy status may apply for the specialty certification exam prior to completing their clinical residency training in the relevant specialty. These candidates will be conditionally admitted to the exam as long as they meet all other eligibility requirements no later than one month before the exam window opens, proof of successful completion of the ABPTRFE accredited clinical residency for the APTA Specialist Certification Program is submitted. To check the registration status of your residency program, please visit In addition to the general requirements, candidates for cardiovascular and pulmonary certification must also meet these requirements: Applicants must submit a letter from the colleague who supervised the educational experience. The letter should describe the interaction between colleagues and indicate that the candidate is willing to practice clinical electrophysiology (electrodiagnostic tests) independently of the opinion of the more experienced colleague (see sample letter below). The clinical electrophysiological specialty board will decide whether an experiment meets the requirements of this standard. The application deadline is July 31 of each year and all minimum requirements must be met at the time of application, with the exception of the EMR course. The process for reviewing Board applications takes 6 weeks and the Notice of Approval is sent by email. The following requirements are also required for candidates for sports certification. Program of Study Requirements for Students Admitted Prior to 2017 In addition to meeting the general requirements, candidates in clinical electrophysiology must also meet the following requirements. You can access the list of requirements and courses on the Degree Requirements webpage.

In addition to the general requirements, candidates for certification in women`s health must also submit: To avoid excessive double counting, students pursuing a double major or minor in computer science must take at least six courses in their home department of at least 9 units each, none of which are required by computer science (or are related for requirements in) the computer science major. The BCSA program requires students to meet the general educational requirements and requirements of their CFA and SCS concentrations. Details of the academic requirements of the programme can be found on the BSCA programme page. Now that you`re interested and ready to register for the SCS, here`s a quick overview of the steps and requirements you need to meet to register. Have fun testing! Each undergraduate program has a unique set of academic requirements associated with it. Below you will find information about each program with a link to the program of study or program requirements. For applicants for initial certification, there is an additional requirement for direct patient care time for applicants for initial certification and recertification. 100 hours of direct patient care should be documented as coverage of sports facilities. Sport facility reports may include activities to support or monitor medical care provided in preparation, during or after exercise, training or competition. Data Analysis ProjectApplicants must provide evidence of their involvement in a clinical data analysis project directly related to the cardiovascular and pulmonary specialty within the past decade. Acceptable data analysis projects include treatment effectiveness studies, such as a quality assurance or utilization review project, program analysis, structured surveys, formal systematic reviews, and formal clinical research studies. Projects that do not meet this criterion include projects that do not begin with a question or goal, do not develop a methodology to answer the question, collect data, determine outcomes, and reach a conclusion.

Examples of projects that are not acceptable include a literature review, a case report or case series, or the development of patient education materials. Projects must be completed and dissemination must be completed at an appropriate scale and degree consistent with the scope of the project at the time of application. Examples of appropriate and appropriate dissemination are a conference presentation or publication for a funded research project, or the presentation or provision of project results to key stakeholders in the case of a data analysis or quality assurance project. Proof of 10 hours per year of reporting on sports facilities on the field or 30 hours on years 3, 6 and 9. This is also tracked via the online system. One of the most common reasons we pursue a career as a physiotherapist is our interest in sports. Most of us have participated in sports and probably had direct experience with physiotherapy, which probably sparked our future professional interest. The SCS creates opportunities to work with higher-level athletes. As an SCS, you will see more motivated, diligent, and HEP-compliant patients trying to get back into the field. If you offer secondary care, chances are the same athletes will come to your clinic when you seek care. Plus, you`re much more likely to get a job at a elite sports physiotherapy clinic if you have your SCS. Our SCS Preparation Program provides all the tools you need to pass the Counseling Specialization Test, develop your clinical skills, and advance your career, all while earning PDUs.

With advanced certification, you stand out as a respected professional equipped for an advanced level of care. The application and documents to be reviewed must be emailed to Looking for career advancement? Are you tired of your long hours and difficult patients? The SCS can help. Physiotherapy is known for its lateral movements in our profession. It`s easy to move from one job to another, but there are fewer opportunities to climb the ladder unless you own your own clinic, become a professor or become a clinic director. The SCS will take you to the top of the line for the next promotion or to the top of the resume pile if you are applying for your dream job. Study with over 300 practical questions and recommended journal articles Testing protocols Candidates Candidates must submit a protocol of the 500 most recent electrodiagnostic tests performed in the last ten years (since July 1, 2010). This protocol should include the date of the study (month and year) and the test result (e.g., polyneuropathic process, proximal compromise or nerve root involvement, focal peripheral nerve compromise, etc.). All protected health information must be removed from the log. One of the most surprising and significant disappointments of my SCS journey is that most doctors, DDs, and orthopedic surgeons don`t know anything about specialization and, frankly, don`t care. They only care if you can improve their patients.

I had to educate doctors in my area about what CBS is and how it can help their patients get better care. Successful applicants may answer yes to all of the above questions. More information on submitting projects can be found in the Guide for Applicants. Who doesn`t love an alphabet soup behind their name? Not all certifications and abbreviations are meaningful, but the SCS does.