Rules Paper Football

After a touchdown, the player has the chance to score an extra point. The player must slide the paper football from half the table through the field goal post to score an extra point. The player has only one chance to do so. Editor`s Note: This is a guest post by Jason Mills. If your boys already miss their Christmas toys and become restless during the holidays, take the time to play paper football with them. You`ll have so much fun that you`ll wonder why you spent so much dough last week to buy them an iPod. Once you have created the football and goal post, place the goal post on one end of a flat table. Bend one end of the paper inward to form a small triangle. Bend this way until the end. Finally, cut off the edge of the remaining corner and stick it into the rest of the paper football to secure it. You can also develop penalties if you wish. For example, stopping a football before it stops itself is bad form. If you`re playing against an opponent who does this all the time, introduce a penalty kick to get them to follow the rules.

Every time he touches the ball before it stops, you get a penalty goal. The game uses a piece of paper folded into a triangle called a “ball”. The starting player starts with kicking the ball. To kick off, the ball is placed on the table, suspended by one of the player`s hands with the index finger at the top of the ball, and then the player hits the ball with the thumb and index finger of the other hand. If the ball flies off the table or clings to the edge of the table, the kick-off is repeated. When the ball lands on the table without reaching the edge on the receiving player`s side, the players take turns pushing it to the opposing side with a quick and steady movement. The longest field goal ever recorded in paper football was 7.01 meters (23 feet) scored by Kelley Parker on June 10, 2012 in College Station, Texas. [3] First, you need to fold a standard 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper, as you fold Old Glory: Paper football (also called FIKI football, finger football, flick football, or tabletop football) refers to a table game loosely based on American football, in which a sheet of paper folded into a small triangle is pushed back and forth by two opponents on a table. [1] This game is commonly played for entertainment, primarily by elementary, middle and high school age students in the United States. [2] The game ends according to the agreed rules, whether it is the time limit (the player with the most points when the given time is up) or the point limit (the first player to reach the given points threshold wins). There are really very few rules in most paper football games.

Touchdowns are determined by the ball hanging from the edge of the table. Field goals are kicked after a successful touchdown. Both are worth one point each. To play paper football, make the paper football by cutting the plain paper in half. Take half a sheet and fold it lengthwise, then fold the edge into a triangle. Keep folding until you have a small triangle of miniature paper. First, ask your opponent to put both ends of the thumb together and hold each index finger upwards to form a rectangle. Then use your index finger to hold the ball upright and quickly slide the ball onto the table. Alternatively, you can place the corner of the football on the edge of the table and slide it up. For more tips, including creating a scoreboard for your game, read on! Fold and glue two foldable straws so that they look like a “U”.

Next, take the third straw, cut the “foldable” part and stick it to the bottom of the U. Finally, make a small hole in a paper cup and insert the third straw to secure the U-shaped goal post. Here`s my suggestion: play a good old paper football. I hear you now. Paper football, are you crazy? That`s not the point, but yes, I`m serious. It`s easy to play, whether you`re a beginner or an old veteran who scrambled many high school study rooms (not that I know what it`s like). It`s easy, it`s fun, and it`s a good time of innocent competition (and it`s not a video game!). All you need is a flat surface like a table and a piece of paper. Ready? Play.

Flip a coin to see who goes first. The first player to leave starts at the other end of the table from the goal post. The player receives four attempts to earn points. The goal is to score a touchdown by sliding the paper ball onto the table and landing it, with part of the paper soccer ball hanging from the table.