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Our office works with a local real estate company where the properties of a deceased person are to be sold. In this context, this office will protect the house and its contents. We have been representing clients across the country for over 28 years. These cases were successfully dealt with without the client coming to our office. This is not new to us. The best defense against an arrest for impaired driving, whether or not it has occurred before, is to contact a lawyer experienced in the defense against impaired driving as soon as possible. You may think that if you pay the fine and accept the terms of the arresting officer, you`ll be fine. However, you could face a 12-month licence ban, jail time, and permanent marking on your file, even if it`s your first offence. I just want to say that Tom Barton is the right lawyer if you need help! I have never seen a lawyer more professional and dedicated to their cases! Most lawyers will just shoot you on the bull and send you on your way Tom fought for me and stayed with me until the end and won my case! I highly recommend it if you need help in a legal situation of any kind! Thank you Tom Barton and your law firm. Our office organizes all the assets of an estate, including, but not limited to, real estate, personal property, life insurance I support this lawyer. I have known Tom for many years. I watched him in court and also sent him clients. I can`t say enough good things about him.

He is extremely hardworking and cares about his customers. He achieved results in some courts that NO ONE else could have achieved. Don`t take an easy, relaxed personality as a lawyer who doesn`t care, quite the contrary. I give Tom my full support. All charges brought against the client for purchasing a methamphetamine precursor from a Florida dispensary and conspiracy with other Kentucky people to. Tom Barton, a veteran drunk driving lawyer, knows how important this decision is to your future and your family. He has represented clients facing criminal charges throughout Georgia for over 20 years, including Fayette, Butts, Rockdale and surrounding counties. After being shown by the public defender for over a year, Tom Barton got my daughter out of jail with a warrant, reduced his charges and solved her case in less than 24 hours. He is reliable, competent, experienced and always available, except in court. He checked with me whenever there was new information and was always reachable by phone and SMS.

Lord. Barton undoubtedly earned my respect by controlling the courtroom in a respectful but persistent manner that allowed my DUI to stumble upon a lesser offense. He used his investigative skills in combination with a holistic concept of people and painted a clear and decisive picture for the judge. He has an astonishing conception of the law and seeks to protect citizens with his knowledge. I would refer him to anyone who needs someone to investigate a case of impaired driving or to ensure that all policies and procedures have been followed properly. Great job. Being arrested is an unpleasant and frightening experience. You immediately need a qualified and successful criminal defense attorney in Louisville to help you protect your reputation and rights. If you or a family member has drunk driving expenses in Henry County or South Atlanta, Tom Barton should be at the top of your list. If you`re looking for a lawyer who can influence the outcome of your case, look no further. Tom has the knowledge and experience to advocate for your rights in the criminal justice system. More importantly, he has the reputation that provides the necessary leverage to make the prosecution think.

When you meet Tom, you`ll know why he`s been so successful – he takes a personal interest in his clients and works tirelessly to achieve a positive outcome. I recommend calling Tom to see if he will take care of your case. The charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and possession of firearms were dismissed and upheld on appeal I have known Tom since the early days of his practice. In South Atlanta, Tom is both well-known and popular with judges, prosecutors, and (especially) his clients. I referred legal matters to Tom and hired him to help me intervene in several difficult cases in Henry and Clayton County. I have confidence in his abilities and relationships in the legal community. Tom Barton is one of the best. He and I have worked together on various issues and he is one of the most diligent and knowledgeable lawyers in Georgia. Barton is a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National College for DUI Defense, and the Defense of Drinking Driver`s Network. You can count on his representation for representation in state and federal criminal courts, an aggressive and honest attorney, and an experienced litigator.

Important: You only have 30 days to save your driver`s licence from suspension! Your best defense is Attorney Tom Barton of Georgia DUI If you are accused or have suffered personal or professional harm, Attorney Tom Barton has the knowledge and experience to represent you and achieve the best possible outcome in your case. The client, who was charged with accessory to murder, Attack 1 and Attack 2, was found not guilty on all counts at trial. Louisville defense attorney Scott J. Barton is an experienced criminal defense attorney who oversees Jefferson County and the Louisville area. Having helped numerous clients over the course of a 15-year career, Mr. Barton has the expertise and accomplishments that can make a difference in your case. Mr. Barton is no stranger to the biases of the justice system and botched investigations. He has already helped many families avoid the potentially permanent consequences of police errors and unfounded accusations. He can also help you. Have you been arrested for impaired driving? Wondering if you should hire a lawyer or just plead guilty? If you are convicted of impaired driving in Georgia, you have a criminal record and could also receive the following sentences. The penalties for a drunk driving conviction in the state of Georgia depend on the facts of your case and your criminal history.

Typically, you report for a first conviction for impaired driving before one day in jail, 40 hours of community service, one year of probation, a substance abuse assessment, drunk driving school, fines and court costs. Tom Barton, attorney for Georgia DUI, can help you with any drunk driving charge, from multiple offenses to first arrests. Whether you are under the age of 21 or older, from abroad or in the region, or facing a misdemeanor or crime, Mr. Barton can help you minimize harm and punishment. You have ten days from your arrest to contest the charges and protect your licence. The encounter with my first and LAST experience with a DUI was very scary and overwhelming. Mr. Barton was able to guide me through the process and help me understand everything that needed to be done.