To Sue Someone Legal

A lawyer can help you complete the Exempt Property Claim Application. See the “Find a Lawyer” help section for a list of organizations that offer free legal services to people who can`t afford a lawyer. It depends on the circumstances. If you miss a hearing date, the case may be dismissed (if you are the plaintiff) or heard without you (if you are the defendant). If you have a lawyer, your lawyer will let you know if there are any court dates that you do not need to attend, for example, because the case is scheduled for legal arguments that your lawyer will handle for you. If you are unable to attend a hearing, you must contact your lawyer immediately. With notice, you can submit a request to continue the matter. A party must review the local rules of the district court before filing an application for continuance. If you misunderstand the elements, the court may feel sorry for you as someone who acts pro se (without a lawyer) and allows you to file a new application, but some judges will reject your case. At the very least, ask a lawyer what type of case you have to make sure you`re correct the first time. I want to sue someone I bought a restaurant from. The agreement was that the previous owners would offer 3 months training without pay.

After a month and a half, he no longer appears. He is in breach of contract. And I mean everything, including my children and almost my life. There are actually more people than I personally think I could prosecute. But when it comes to monetary retaliation, I think that would be my best start. Disobeying court orders should be punishable, right? At least? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide. From the information you have given me, it is not clear whether you have entered into a legally binding contract with your friend. In addition, there is a high probability that your lease has expressly prohibited you from entering into a contract with another person to repay the loan. With that in mind, my best guess is that you (and not your friend) are responsible for the remaining loan amount. You may want to contact a lawyer in your area to recover the money you believe you are owed by your friend. In the meantime, it`s probably in your best interest to pay the loan company. All civil actions begin when a complaint is filed with the court.

If you have to sue someone up to $15,000, you will have to file the complaint to take the matter to the Civil Division. A civil case is more complicated than a small claims case, so the complaint requires legal knowledge to prepare. You should consult a lawyer who will represent you or help you prepare the complaint. Once you`ve identified the causes of your lawsuit, you can figure out how to sue someone for injuries caused by a car accident, defamation, defamation, or other reasons. Then proceed to prepare for your trial. If the damage to your eyes is significant or long-lasting and you want to take legal action, you can consult a product liability lawyer (which is part of the Personal Injury Act). To make a legal claim, you must be able to prove that the mascara caused the condition and that the condition cost you money because it requires significant treatment. If you need to find a lawyer, you can start with the Enjuris Law Firm Directory. I hope you feel better soon! First, you need to know if you have the right to take legal action against the person or company you have a dispute with. To sue in court, you must be a person directly affected by the lawsuit you are suing. From a legal point of view, this is called “locus santi”.

I had a verbal agreement with someone about the law to help them by allowing my name to be used to get an ATT account because they couldn`t because they “already had an account” for their mother`s help. A year later, I learned that she had not closed the account, had not submitted any devices, and claimed to have returned them. I visited her recently and she showed “evidence” that did not turn out to be evidence of the return of these accounts. I told him that the documents presented were false and we agreed to meet and call ATT to fix the problem. Over time, she called me several times to tell me things. At this point, she seemed to be a lie. So I acted accordingly by asking a few questions to those she included in her stories and they denied her allegations. I told her to ask her why she was lying, but she flipped the tables and made it look like I was harassing her and pretending I was crazy. I want to sue them because I have some (recorded) oral evidence for their words. How do I get started? I have no idea what I need or talk to.

Based on the information you provide, it does not appear that you have entered into a valid written or oral contract. Therefore, I don`t see how your friend has a valid legal claim. I thought I had a very great friend who would help me by taking care of my vehicle by parking it at his house and he would have to start it once a week to keep the battery charged and keep the engine in good condition and I used my vehicle sometimes and after a month or two I went to my vehicle one day and he was gone and he told me on the phone that he had returned my keys and that I had taken the vehicle, that no one here in Washington DC would take my case, so I filed the documents myself and I`m going to sue him for $10,000 and even put $3,000 in paperwork for a lawyer if I could find one. But what worries me is the legalese and the correct legal terminology, can you help me with that? You`re welcome? Thank you for your thoughts on this.