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As the name suggests, you will take both law and management modules (although the ratio is 3:1 for each semester except the first). Already in the first semester, all your subjects are common business modules (e.g. accounting, economics, management). You do not start the legal modules until the second semester. Hi, I`m thinking about going to TP Law & Management right now, and I`m wondering what this course offers and what it teaches? I`m also a bit hesitant because a lot of people have said I should take the JC route if I`m considering a legal career instead of a degree, unless a GPA 3.9+ is produced, can you tell me if I should take this course or not? Hello! I was also shortlisted for TP Law and Management, so I understand how you feel! I heard from a friend that the aptitude test is really EZ. You will have math questions, general knowledge questions (e.g. which of the following ministers is part of the Covid-19 task force) and also essay-based QNS (a case study; and QNS based on your perspective on the topic), so just read about current local and global issues! I personally dmed tp law IG ACC and they gave me tons of tips for my writing and interview, so I suggest you do that too to get a head start on the preparation! Hope this helps, I just received an email telling me that I have been shortlisted for the next round of the EAE process, the aptitude test. Honestly, I have almost no idea what might come out of a legal and management aptitude test with four different sections. I intend to ask some of the lawyers I know what general knowledge I should know, but that may not be what they were looking for. I suspect that what would emerge are issues that require critical thinking and problem-solving. So, are there any former EAE students who know what this aptitude test entails? Hello!! I would like to know what it is like to study law.

For example, what kind of mod you all spend and basically how the lessons run each day. I read somewhere that debating skills are important in the L&M course, but in my case, I`m not good :/ Would it be acceptable to start with 0 knowledge of the debate? Where will I fight? And finally, if you don`t mind me asking, what made you join law and management? I`m a new TP Law graduate, I won`t say when, because the law degree cohort is quite small compared to other courses, so pretty easy to tell who`s who on reddit. Hello, I applied for EAE in the Law and Management course and just completed the aptitude test. I read that you also started through EAE? What kind of questions will they ask? And what do they look for in a potential candidate? Hello! So I am an O level student and I was shortlisted for the EAE interview in law and management of TP and it is in less than a week, but I do not know what to prepare. I attended TP`s EAE guide and this webinar from TP Business School, so I found out they were checking your English and your “ability to engage in discussion about local/global news”, but I have no idea what topic to talk about or what to expect πŸ™ Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance! I`m a bot, and this action was done automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Hi, I`m also shortlisted to take the Law and Management aptitude test, and I`m also not sure about its content haha, but good luck if ☺️ anyone knows what the test entails, leave it in the comments, thanks UU!! Hi, this is very urgent, could you please give examples of the questions that were in the test because my aptitude test is in 2 days and it would be very helpful for me If I know what to expect, I don`t have any official statistics with me (i.e. it`s a guess of personal observations and hearsay) but I think about 10% make it to NUS or SMU Law (one group matters). about 80 students, so does that make about 8?).

What is usually the dress code of the school for L&M or the School of Business in general? I heard they wore formal clothes like suits and everything else. In addition to substantive law matters (p. ex. The peculiarity of L&M is that procedural law subjects are also taught (usually, students only learn it if they choose it as an option, if not, they eventually learn it in Part B of the law course). Hello, I have taken the EAE aptitude test according to TP Law and received an offer. For the aptitude test, they will test you in English and mathematics. There will also be a scenario-based legal question, which will be quite difficult if you have no prior knowledge. πŸ™‚ I will answer to the best of my ability (which also depends on my freedom haha), so yes, shoot far! No, I don`t regret working and going to school. I didn`t want to work, I had to work. But if I had the choice, the easiest way would be the one I would choose. I`m considering going to TP for their law and management degree, and I`d love to hear from everyone who has been there, what the course looks like, what to expect, etc.