Whitestone Legal Group Address

“If you`re not working with this group, find another legal group to use. These people ignored my legal subpoena and now my salary is being seized by Discover. The only thing they worry about is getting paid from above. Nowhere in the court documents, copies of which I received, did his name appear for legal representation. Extremely disappointed and will shout from the rooftops. Stay away from this group. You can try dialing this number: (866) 489-9201 – or find more information on their website: www.whitestonelegalgroup.com “Trust the process. In July, I was contacted by Whitestone Legal Group. September was my first payment.

It only took 9 months to settle the first account, I had 5 in total. Over time, we were able to sort everything out after about months. Dec I made our last payment and after 3 months all accounts are paid in full. My husband and I are free of interest payments. Whitestone and Reliant charge fees. Most of the negative reviews here are people who must think that such a service is free. There are no hidden fees. It is in the contract that you sign. It also takes some time to set up an escrow account in order to reach an agreement with creditors and for other reasons. My biggest problems, though. Whitestone covers most of their fees at first, so while you`re creating an escrow account, Whitestone takes theirs first. So your credit score is going to take a hit.

Another topic is communication. One service representative will tell me this and another will tell me. At the end. Trust the process. Would you rather pay interest and make the minimum payment for more years or pay Whitestone to get you out of this mess in a few years and save thousands? “I had a total of k debts and they could pay everything off in a few months. They arranged everything for k. Now Whitestone and Ram have taken a fee, so I saved k after that. My biggest concern with this company is that they take their fees before paying anything, so be aware that your credit score will take a hit. My husband was and left.

Mine was and is gone. I do not understand why people would rate Whitestone low stars when it is clearly stated in the contract that they are taking a fee. That`s what every debt settlement does. They often communicate with me and if I had problems, they solved them quickly. So be patient, pay their monthly fee and read the contract! Thank you Whitestone. My husband and I are rebuilding our credit and are no longer burdened with debt. » Saturday: 9am – 5pm Sunday: 9am – 5pm Monday: 9am – 5pm Tuesday: 9am – 5pm Wednesday: 9am – 5pm Thursday: 9am – 5pm Friday: 9am – 5pm “Stay away from these people!! This place is a joke I wrote up with a debt of about k. I`ve been paying dollars for months.

So I paid them more k. You have so many hidden fees in the contract that you never accumulate enough money to pay off your debts. You`d better sit on your own. I had the worst experiences with this company, to the point that I took my biggest account of this program, which is about k. I was able to deal with this bill myself in one day. When I took this account, they quoted me $ per month for the remaining 2 years I left them. I followed them today – to confirm that everything went well with the deletion of this account. Now they said they removed it, but my monthly payment will remain the same, dollars a month, because I have a negative balance with them. Although I paid pretty much for the program.

This place is an absolute scam. If you read my review and are new to the program, I highly recommend canceling. They will steal a lot of your money. The calculation just doesn`t make sense to me, after withdrawing k from debt with them, I still have a balance of k. That is the amount I have already paid them. Now they want $ for more months, which means I`d pay them k for a debt of k. I cannot stress enough that people stay away from them. They are the biggest thieves.

“I appreciate their help with this debt, but I was afraid that my payments would exceed the months, and they were projecting more months. I probably would have been better off paying off those debts myself and saving on the fees that got me fees. ».